Variété de burgers avec différentes garnitures

Mild-to-wild burger toppings

Lettuce, tomato and pickles are always at home on a burger. But with a bit of creative thinking and very little effort, you can take your toppings game to a whole other level. For days when you’re craving a little something extra, try swapping in these mild-to-wild additions. You might just discover your new favourite backyard burger.

If you’re feeling mild

These four combos are just the ticket if you’re into the classics. Think of these as the starting lineup for your burger team. Bonus: all of the patties here are certified gluten-free by the Canadian Celiac Association.

Prime Rib Beef Burger with swiss cheese and veggies

The first-class upgrade

Start by grilling up our juicy Prime Rib Beef Burgers, made from 100% prime rib mixed with our signature seasonings. For a tangy-sweet edge, top with Chipotle Mayo Spread, grainy mustard, Swiss cheese, arugula, and grilled peppers and onions.

Angus Beef Burger with blue cheese and bacon

The fully loaded

The name says it all: Our Angus Beef Burgers are made exclusively from Angus beef that has been raised without the use of antibiotics. And these flavourful patties love to be taken over the top with fresh tomato slices, Fully Cooked Bacon, Garlic Aioli Spread, crumbled blue cheese, ketchup and Boston lettuce. (Don’t forget the napkins for this one.)

Sirloin Beef Burger with Classic Toppings

The classic with a twist

Maybe you just want the tried-and-true. So fire up our tender, juicy, seasoned-to-perfection Sirloin Beef Burgers, which welcome any and all of your fave toppings. We prefer our classic approach with a little twist, of course: top the patty with ballpark mustard, tangy quick-pickled red onions, tomato slices, iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced cheddar and ketchup.

Gourmet Chicken Burger with coleslaw and jalapenos

The Californian

Gourmet Chicken Burgers are a fan fave — as soon as you taste one, you’ll know why. Seasoned chicken is blended with mozzarella cheese and roasted red bell peppers to create a moist, delicious, flavour-packed patty. Top this winner with coleslaw (store-bought or homemade), fresh corn and jalapeño salsa and a good slather of mayo.

If you’re feeling wild

Sometimes you just want to go over the top. Let your creativity flow and remember — if you like it with your burger, you’ll like it on your burger. Start with our gluten-free, raised-without-antibiotics Angus Beef Burgers and dress them up with these exciting additions.

Angus Beef Burger topped with fries and ketchup

The fry-yay

Instead of serving them alongside, pop some fries on top of your patty. Make sure to add a hit of ketchup to get the full effect. Other accoutrements, like lettuce, onions and tomatoes are optional — but welcome — additions.

Angus Beef Burger with Garlic Shrimp

The surf and turf

Who knew jumbo butterflied shrimp would be right at home on a burger? We did! Our Garlic Shrimp are deliciously marinated with savoury garlic and herbs, and they’re sustainably sourced, too. We like these sammies garnished with Boston lettuce, avocado slices and a little Garlic Aioli Spread to keep the vampires away.

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