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M&M Food Market is dedicated to the principle of service – to our customers, our employees, our communities and our environment. Within our stores and offices, we strive to be socially responsible by:

  • Supporting our communities through our partnership with BGC Canada to help provide meals to kids who are impacted by food scarcity.
    Learn more about our partnership with BGC Canada
  • Supporting green initiatives such as replacing less efficient freezers with newer, more energy-efficient ones, using LED lighting, providing and advocating the use of reusable shopping bags, recycling and printing our flyers with environmentally friendly inks on recycled paper. In order to reduce waste and environmental damage, M&M Food Market has removed single-use plastic bags from all locations.
    Learn more about reusable bags at M&M Food Market.
  • Continually evaluating and improving our products and ingredients used, and considering consumer needs for nutrition/allergies in the development of new and existing products. We also encourage all our supplier-partners in the continuous improvement of sustainable fishery and aquaculture practices.
    Learn more about our sustainable seafood policy

We have pledged to support different organizations across the country. To find out more about how to request donations and sponsorships, click the link below.

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